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above ground poolIt’s summer, it’s hot  and all one wants to do is soak in a cool pool after a long day in the heat. Calais understands that and also understands that not everyone can afford a major pool development project for the backyard. Have a nest egg put away for a pool and want something decent,  but without all the construction and hassle?

That’s why Calais offers above ground pools.

They’re far more durable than the average Joe setup that’s seen in the front yard. We’ve all the seen the inflatable blue pools that were a couple hundred dollars and did not make it until the end of summer. Think about this, one pool a summer at a couple hundred dollars a pool for three summers is 600 dollars, roughly. It’s an endless cycle that involves a person just handing over their hard earned dollars by the truck load.

Put an end to the insanity, break the pattern and put that money toward something long term.

Calais pools offer a few options of above ground pools, the first of which is the Oceania series. The Oceania is the first pool made from blow-molded resin. The resin makes the pools much more durable.

Not only is it more durable than the average above ground pool, but the Oceania has a resin structure that can be combined with any salt chlorination system. It is a revolutionary new material that eliminates any chance of structural corrosion while guaranteeing incredible durability and permitting a perfectly round shape.

The Oceania was designed for easy assembly and is guaranteed for simple assembly. It has a system of interlocking parts that have beenNanaimo above ground pool tested for great lateral strength. This pool is offered in either a round design or oval.

Its feature include an oversized center top ledge for greater support accompanied by  an “Elephant leg” upright design, a bottom wall channel made from resin to resist rust and corrosion, slide-in joiner plate which makes for an easy install,  a 30-year warranty which consists of 5 years of 100% warranty coverage and 25 years of 50% (invisible lateral supports on the oval model).

Round dimensions: 12 ft. (5.49 m) 21 ft. (6.40 m) | 24 ft. (7.32 m) | 27 ft. (8.23 m) 30 ft. (9.14 m).

Oval dimensions: 12 ft. x 23 ft. (3.66 m x 7.11 m) | 15 ft. x 30 ft. (4.57 m x 9.14 m) 18 ft. x 33 ft. (5.49 m x 10.16 m).

imgpsh_fullsizeNext up would be the Elixer above ground pool series. This pool introduces new colors and textures that break the barrier of the norm. The combination of steel uprights with a metallic finish and the Synflex resin injection-molded top ledges, ledge covers, and foot covers offer this pool the highest quality in manufacturing and visual style.

The structural components of this model and eye appeal of the wall graphics will redefine a customers backyard. Features of the Elixer consist of a robust injection molded Synflex resin structure; steel walls finished with Duratex 2000 anti corrosion paint, internal wall protected against humidity and chemicals, 7.5″ Curved Synflex resin top seats, uprights made of treated steel and reinforced with an oversized design that ensures safety of the seats, rigid outside connectors made of 100% Synflex resin including top and bottom plates.5

Round Dimension Sizes: 15 ft, 18 ft, 21 ft, 24 ft, 27 ft.

Oval Dimension Sizes: 12×20 ft, 12×24 ft, 15×26 ft, 15×30 ft, 18×33 ft.

All pool comes equipped with the standard accessories with the option to upgrade or purchase any of the optional accessories.

Though these pools come with a heavier price tag, they’re more of an investment. The longevity of these pools will surpass any of the normal quick buys, and along with their  guarantee of a simple assembly, they’re guaranteed to bring satisfaction because they are a quality product.

Come visit Calais, talk with the staff and find what above ground pool might be the right fit for your needs.